The Simpsons Tapped Out Top Strategies

When you play Freemium Grinder and are looking for serious progress, the trick is to find and use the most strategic shortcuts you can use in the game. If you have a great experience with this kind of game, you can find most of them for yourself, but if not, well, we are here! Based on our years of experience with this type of mechanical game – and our intense entertainment time is being exploited, we recommend the following strategies to achieve the best possible results in the game:

  1. Save your Donuts While with the fastest way to get a premium coin donut to buy it, thanks to the variety of sources of donuts that provide small quantities in the normal game, you can easily save everything that is necessary to add Premium Structure or two to play Ideally, you want to choose structures to add new characters to your game, because every new person you add is a possible new source of income!
  2. Play several times a day. The regular daily game will require some characters in your city to be actively involved in the ongoing missions and missions that are at the heart of the game’s story, but will usually have a large number of characters available for targeted positions / tasks. The fastest way to earn money and XP in the game is to find out how often you can log in and play during an ordinary day and then select Work / Work with timers that best match this timing game. The more often you play, the better you get.
  3. City Development Strategy “Stretched” is implemented in phases – mainly in the financial phases, in which they will participate with specific aspects of the game. During the first stage of the game – from the beginning to the moment you unlock Squidport expansion, you should focus on expanding the ground. As soon as Squidport is added to your game, it will become the center of your efforts.Once equality with Squidport is achieved, it will change back to LandExpansion your attention, then the Krustyland extension will draw attention. Between these phases of the game, a host of regular and special holiday events, I will interrupt your game temporarily, focusing on their limited and short-term goals. Ideally you want to be serious and committed to managing the time while you can to be – there is no substitute for significant progress in unlocking the ground.
  4. ¬†Creating cash and fees obtained from the building of your city will never compete with the money it takes with “Tasks / tasks” (because it adds signs, part of the expansion of its land and structures, generally the rate remains constant) can change ratios, placing specific buildings of monetary holdings. Control key – a combination that provides enough space for the expansion slot and the selection of suitable buildings. In this case, the simpsons tapped out hack is to choose a building with a clock is the same as in the most commonly used game calendar.

Some examples:

3 hours. – “Purple House” – each collection costs 75 7 and XP.

4 hours. – Gulp N ‘Blow’ – pay 100$ and 8xp each crop.

6 hours. – “Pink House” – each collection costs 120 and 12 XP.

8 hours. – “Blue House” – is 150 and 13xp for each crop.

12 hours. – White House – you pay 200 and 20 XP for each crop.

The clock orientation can be centered in a building that is programmed times.


The use of earlier tactics will be able to play a more strategic and productive game, which means more fun, more fun and less complications. Win-Win!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Guide For The Beginners

the simpsons tapped out beginners guideSo it starts The Simpsons Tapped Out? Starting a game may be tough if you do not know what you are doing and lose a special donut without knowing what to do. That is why we are here to give you some tips and trick that a single donut knocks out without wasting city if you do not really need it.

Learn more about the game Before you start the game, there are some things you need to know. The Simpsons Tapped Out items are divided into two different sets, buildings and ornaments


Buildings are key to the The Simpsons Tapped Out game and the rebuilding of Springfield. The building is doing a few things for you, including earning money. Each building has its own payment rate, which means that he will win a certain amount every few minutes, hours or days. Keep in mind that you have to collect your income to actually look for more.The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack is perfect for the money too.

Some buildings will not just give you money, others will expose special characters Homer Simpson to cease Ned Flanders, Dad, Lisa, Bart, Krusty and the list resumes. By purchasing special characters, you can unlock all the characters in the game and make much more money, more characters to work for you.

The Simpsons Tapped Out decorations decorating are not just elements that make it nice and good, but they also increase taxes and revenue. That’s right, you can buy an ornamental city knocked out you give yourself tools to earn much more money without expensive houses or unlocking another character. So be sure to use the decor of the benefits and read what you can offer by pushing the information icon into a blue circle.

Start If you just start the game, you have to remember certain things during the tutor. The tutorial, when it launches the game, teaches, buys a lot and moves objects. When they say to send Lisa to Kwik-E-Mart, do not use the donut rush for an instructor and you could save a few donuts for later use.

Money in the game

In the world The Simpsons Tapped Out there are two currencies, cash and donuts. If you want to continue the game, you need to understand the importance of these two currencies or you can easily get a premium from the hassle.

Donuts are premium money in the game and can only exceed certain conditions at The Simpsons Tapped Out or buy them for real money. This is what makes these donuts very precious. At The Simpsons Tapped Out you can use donuts to speed up your work, create time and more important than buying exclusive premium items that normal players can not use.

On the other hand, money is your natural income from your home or your character’s daily work. You can use cash to buy other buildings and move on, but you can not use them to reach the timer or buy premium items. Get money in two ways, once you pay income taxes through your buildings, while you earn revenue through your daily work. You can not use cash to buy donuts.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Players play more or less with difficulty and wonder why they can not buy the next building, but there is a simple answer. Missions and buildings have been developed in a normal system, which means you must complete Step 1 before you can move to Step 2. Jumping faces will shake you in the end, because they do not allow you to fulfill the conditions that have been made directly in the game. If you’re really involved where you’re not seeing new missions, chances are you’ve lost your characters in the recorded voice very quickly, or if you’re in a bug. You met. Try to put all your characters out of their jobs and let them put them around, sometimes they need to talk to others and communicate in order to actually do things. Sending them directly to a 24-hour effort after a 24-hour effort is difficult for you.

Other friends who are part of the Origin account add more friends who earn more. With other players helping you clean up your income while you’re away, you can earn more money in a short time. This is a social game, so it is absolutely necessary to socialize in the game and get to know the players. You can use the Game Group for it, build your social army for each game and earn credits.